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  • Maximize Potential for Positive Change

    We can work with you to form your own nonprofit organization to fulfill your philanthropic goals.

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    We help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the process of starting a successful business.

  • Whatever your organization needs, we can help

    We give each client specialized personal attention, so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

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Years of Experience

Alex graduated from law school in 2014, but he has been working in the nonprofit world long before that. He brings years of experience to help you properly start up, manage, and amplify your nonprofit organization.


Types of Entities

We offer legal services to both nonprofit organizations and for-profit businesses- everything from organization startup and project planning, to tax exemption filing and drafting contracts and formation documents.


Personalized Service

Alex offers personalized service, where he will personally handle your case from beginning to end. You will be able to contact him directly via phone or email any time, so your urgent questions can be quickly answered.


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